Yelsk Local History Museum

By the Resolution of the Executive Committee of the Workers' District Council on 2 July 1966, the Museum of People's Glory was founded. In June 1976, the Yelsk Local History Museum was opened on the basis of the Museum of People's Glory. For years, the museum has become a peculiar treasure of the history of the regiom. The pride of the museum is a permanent exhibition of the Honored Cultural Figure of the BSSR, the amateur artist M. Zasinets, his works are a significant phenomenon in the culture of Belarus. The museum collection includes 65 works of the artist. The main space in the museum is occupied with the Great Patriotic War. Here are photos and documents about the participation of local residents in partisan movement and the struggle against the Nazi terror. Visitors are also interested in the ethnographical collection, which presents the development of crafts in Yelsk Land. An interesting place for kids in the museum is the exhibition hall of nature, which presents the flora and fauna of the region. The main fund has 3,061 items. Guests and residents can take sightseeing tours "Roads of War" and "Yelsk Landscapes", developed by the museum personnel. The main activities of the museum are collecting, preserving and promoting the historical and cultural heritage of the region.
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